We’re Rolling Out Revolution

revlogoOur pledge to remain on the cutting edge started with an investment in a new practice management system called RevolutionEHR. This software package is certainly the most widely respected and technologically advanced system in the optometry software space. It will allow us to provide a much higher level of care for our patients in several critical ways:

  • Ability for patients to fill out forms online
  • Access to a patient portal for spectacle and contact lens prescriptions
  • On-line scheduling of eye examinations (Future)
  • Rapid and accurate vision and medical insurance billing
  • Managing complex conditions efficiently
  • Text and Email appointment reminders

This is a very complex operation with five years of clinic data and thousands of patients. There will likely to be delays as we get all of our data converted. We ask for your patience if delays do occur.

We also have several other major changes coming so keep an eye out for them!